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This online course is a useful starting point for acquiring knowledge on secure satellite communications (SatCom). It provides basic information on satellite technology and a SatCom system – for instance, how it works, who is involved in service delivery, what the architecture of the system looks like, etc. As secure SatCom services are important for public administration, the concept of governmental satellite communications (GOVSATCOM) is also introduced.

This training has been developed for technical employees of public institutions, implementing or managing communication solutions used in security-critical missions, operations, or key infrastructures, who have no specific knowledge of SatCom. However, we are convicted that everyone who takes the course will gain substantial and valuable knowledge. The e-learning platform was designed to be simple and intuitive. In case of any doubts, please refer to the User guide which can be reached from the drop-down menu on the left side.

The course on Fundaments of secure satellite communications consists of 4 modules. Each module is divided into chapters. All presentations and videos are accompanied by a voice-over narration to enhance your learning experience. Please make sure your audio devices aren’t muted.

You can access the course and complete subsequent modules at your own pace. There will be no assignments or final exam. Yet, you’ll be able to check your learning progress by answering few quiz questions at the end of each module.

Your learning will be more effective when you have a dedicated space at work or at home to take this course. Remember that it’s up to you to avoid distractions and keep yourself on track.

As you progress with the training, we encourage you to send us questions regarding any content that is not clear or you wish to explore more. Go to the Questions & Answers section and write to us. Answers provided by our trainers will be regularly published.

If you encounter any technical problem, please report it on the spot, so that we can solve it as soon as possible.

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