This module will acquaint you with the EU GOVSATCOM initiative, which aims at providing governmental and institutional users with access to secure SatCom service. You will find out about potential GOVSATCOM users, fields of applications for GOVSATCOM services and specific use cases. To illustrate the current potential for the provision of GOVSATCOM services in the EU, you’ll be presented with operational state-owned space assets. You’ll learn about activities undertaken to assess the demand for and the feasibility of establishing the GOVSATCOM initiative. GOVSATCOM component of the EU Space Programme 2021-2027 is also discussed. The module ends with a short presentation of the ENTRUSTED project, which focuses on the collection of governmental user needs and establishing a set of consolidated requirements for secure SatCom services.

Introduction to governmental SatCom services and systems
Presentation of existing national GOVSATCOM systems in operation
Precursor pooling and sharing initiatives and related activities
EU GOVSATCOM component